Professional Writing of Thesis and Investigations


We are a group of professionals that offers services as tutors or mentors for thesis, academic studies and investigations. We have specialists with high degree in different fields as Administration, Marketing, Law, Sociology, Political Sciences, Tourism, Journalism, Advertising, International Relationships, Art and Literature. Our members and investigators are part of juries of thesis in the mentioned fields. Varied laboral experiences converge with a common goal: the pedagogical attitude and scientific rigour to investigate.

We focus our professional sight in the writing work and process, consulting and advicing to carry forward a successful thesis. We investigate about specific subjects and we have adaptable programs and software that match requirements of every university in Latin America. We satisfy the needs of every promotional academic work.

We manage various models and schemes of bibliographic quotation, and we specialize in writing of “states of the art” and theoretical frameworks in different domains of knowledge. We support our clients until the approval of their thesis projects and their final presentations, both advising and making the relevant corrections required by all research work, even in works of field and the application of surveys and interviews.